Chess Intelligence Training?!

What is NeuroChess?

NeuroChess is a game based on the ‘dual n-back’ exercise. A study showed that such exercises can improve fluid intelligence (‘the ability to reason and to solve new problems independently of previously acquired knowledge’) by training with a ‘demanding working memory task’. Whereas the stimuli in the study were auditory and visual, the stimuli for NeuroChess are both visual (pieces and squares) and chess-focused.

Making NeuroChess chess-focused is critical: other studies have questioned whether the benefits of standard n-back training transfer to other domains or such training is useful for general cognitive enhancement. Since chess players want to be able calculate deeper with more accuracy, it therefore makes sense for them to do n-back training with chess stimuli.

What are the benefits of NeuroChess?

Reported benefits of n-back training include:

  • Increased IQ
  • Increased fluid intelligence
  • Increased short term memory performance
  • Decreased distractibility / reduced ADHD symptoms
  • Increased self-control / emotional compartmentalisation

For chess, when NeuroChess skills have been mastered, this means that a player should be able to see many moves deep (keeping the position of pieces in their working memory), stay focused and not let distractions (including emotional ones) sidetrack them during games.

How should I train?

Playing NeuroChess as often as possible will only help you improve your working memory and chess position visualisation. A disciplined approach would be to commit to training 20 minutes a day for 20 days in order to see most of the benefits. Occasionally training with longer time controls (30 to 60 minutes) can help with mental focus and concentration endurance. Additionally, playing a short NeuroChess game before a chess match can help get you mentally prepared.

What are NeuroChess Ranks?

To encourage your improvement, NeuroChess has ranks that are achievable by scoring at least 90% on both square and piece matches for a game of 10 or more minutes.

Based on the depth of the game, the ranks are:

Depth 1: Beginner
Depth 2: Recreational Player
Depth 3: Club Player
Depth 4: Tournament Player
Depth 5: Expert
Depth 6: Master
Depth 7: National master
Depth 8: International Master
Depth 9: Grandmaster

Questions / Feedback

Please contact us at if you want to learn more about NeuroChess or n-back training. We would love any feedback (features or bugs) that will help us improve the game.

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